What is a tune contest?

A tune contest is a competition between composers to create the winning tune for a client’s brief.

Here on Tune Contest, a client:

  1. fill-up the contest brief with step-by-step template
  2. names the contest
  3. starts the contest

The contest has 4 stages that take place over a number of days.

Stage 1 : Subscribed 11Tune composers from around the world see the contest listing in the 11Tune marketplace. They compete for the prize by submitting tunes that meet the brief.
Stage 2 : The client gives feedback and comment to the composers to help them improve on their tunes
Stage 3 : Pick 5 (max) finalist and give further direction to improve the tunes.
Stage 4 : Finally, the client picks a winner. The winning composer receives the prize money, and the client gets the audio files, and full copyright to the winning tune.

Money-back guarantee

We offer money-back guarantee within 30 days of payment on all contests except:

  1. Contests that have entered the Final Round, since once you enter the Final round, your contest automatically becomes guaranteed.
  2. Contests where a winner has been awarded.

Not happy with the tunes? No worries!

We’re more than happy to allow you re-write your brief, re-open your contest to ensure you get a good result, or request for refund. Minimum handling fee shall be charged.

What happens to the tunes?

Remember, if you ask for a refund on your contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the tunes submitted to your contest.

What is the Final round?

The Final round is the third stage in your Tune Contest. It starts after you’ve selected the finalists in your contest. The Final round gives you 3 days (Jingles / Signature Tune Contest) or 5 days (if you’re running a theme song / theme music contest) to work with your 5 favourite composers, or finalists. During this time, your finalists will work on revisions to their current tunes. Your job is to provide detailed feedback to them so that you
can work together to create a winning tune. Once you’ve entered this round, your contest will be guaranteed, so you’ll no longer be able to ask for a refund. At the end of the Final round, you’ll be asked to select a winner for your contest.

Which package should I choose for my contest?

At 11Tune, you can choose a Gold, Diamond or Platinum package for your tune contest.

Which package is right for you?

In choosing your package, think about how much experience you have briefing and working with composers, and how much feedback you’ll be able to give each one. The more you put into your contest, the more you’ll get out. Also ask yourself:

  • Packages with bigger prizes tend to attract better composers, and get more contestants.
  • The Gold package is great for people working on a budget but without money back guarantee as you must select a winner through the process.
  • The Diamond package allows you to work with Mid and Top Level composers, who are more experienced and pre-vetted for quality. With 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfy with the submissions.
  • The Platinum package allows you to work with our highest quality Top Level composers and usually attract a lot more entries. With 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfy with the submissions.
  • Composers look for contests to enter based on the prize amount and tend to put more time and effort into contests with larger prizes.

Each package costs a different price, and gives you different features. Generally, the more you pay:

  • the bigger the designer prize
  • the more designs you’ll get to choose from
  • the better the quality of designs you’ll get.